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Cortland Acres offers Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Program

Cortland Acres will soon offer a six-week course training opportunity for Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in Thomas, WV.

The training program follows federal and state guidelines and involves online coursework and a clinical program, said Lois Nelson, Director of Human Resources.

“During the coursework, students learn about the basic patient care skills needed to be a CNA,” Nelson said. “After the online portion of the training program, they have the opportunity to practice the skills during a hands-on clinical. They practice with mannequins before moving to the floor to assist the nurses and work with the residents.”

For more information or to apply for the CNA training program, contact Lois Nelson at 304-463-4181, email, or fill out the application here.

Before beginning the three-week online classroom, Cortland Acres Staff Development Coordinator, Rosetta Zirk, meets with the students to review the coursework schedule and ensure they have everything they need to succeed.

“Students complete the online portion of the training at their own pace,” Zirk said. “I check-in with the students every couple of days to answer any questions they may have and help them troubleshoot if they encounter problems.”

CNAs are often a resident's comfort and emotional support away from home.

“They do everything from helping residents brush their teeth, fixing their hair and getting dressed in the morning to assisting them with their meals, providing necessary daily routine nursing care, meeting personal care needs, and transporting them to and from activities and physical therapy,” Nelson said. “They make a real difference in our residents’ lives by being kind, compassionate and caring.”

During the hands-on training, Cortland Acres supplies uniforms and necessary equipment. To become certified as a CNA, students must pass a written test and a skills demonstration test. Upon completion of the course, applications for employment at Cortland may be offered, Nelson said.

“For high school students, this program is a fantastic opportunity to jumpstart a career in healthcare,” Nelson said. “We have a class starting shortly so we encourage all who are interested to apply today.”

Cortland Acres offers a generous benefits package that touches every area of an employee’s life and helps them and their families plan for the future. The benefits include health insurance, sick and vacation time, profit sharing, and a 401k plan.

In addition to CNA vacancies, other available positions at Cortland Acres include registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), registered nursing assistants, cooks, servers, clerical, resident support team members (RSTs) and a temporary maintenance helper.

The Cortland Acres campus includes a 94-bed long-term care facility, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, and programs, rental apartments in Pineview, and garden and patio homes in The Pines. For more information on the employment opportunities or programs and services offered at Cortland Acres, call Nelson at 304-463-4181 or click here.

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