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Estate Planning

Everyone wants to have a life with meaning. Part of that meaningful life is supporting your local community and organizations in the honor of, or in memory of, family and friends. The Cortland Foundation is committed to securing resources to enhance the health and well-being of the residents and families of Cortland Acres. By supporting The Cortland Foundation, you leave a legacy for those you care about most.

This “Creating a Lasting Legacy” Estate Planning Guide is designed to help you move forward with a plan that writes a very good chapter in the book of your life. Through proper planning, the legacy of love and care that you leave for your family and friends will be encouraging and even inspiring.

Estate planning is not a process reserved only for those nearing retirement or for those who are very wealthy. It’s an important component of everyone’s overall financial plan because it can have a significant impact on who inherits your assets and how you wish to control the process.


The purpose of this guide is to provide general information on basic estate planning issues, opportunities and strategies. By no means is this intended to replace individual professional advice from an attorney or an accountant concerning how best to design your estate plan. It is our hope this guide will prepare you to think about these matters prayerfully and deliberately so that your estate planning will be an act of wise and faithful stewardship.

If you have questions or need any additional information, please contact The Cortland Foundation at 304-463-4181 or An electronic copy of the “Creating a Lasting Legacy” Estate Planning Guide and fill-in PDF forms can be downloaded below.

Individual Fill-in PDF Forms for download
Personal Information
Military and Employment Benefits
Family History
Financial Information
Financial Advisors
Planning Goals
Making Decisions

Estate Planning Guide

Estate Planning Guide Fill-in Forms (all)

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