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Vision 2030: LEADING THE WAY

What Cortland Acres has become over the past forty years is only half of the story. Looking ever forward, Cortland Acres is proud to announce Vision 2030: Leading The Way. This ambitious expansion of services and facilities incorporates new technology, empirical data and best practices from around the globe as a blueprint for the future.

Over the next twelve years, Cortland’s campus is projected to increase by as much as one hundred acres. This dramatic growth will prompt the expansion of existing services and the creation of many more. The new campus will contain a health center that hosts a variety of medical specialties and collaborative agreements will be in place with in-state teaching, research and tertiary care institutions in addition to nationally acclaimed health systems.


attractive features and supportive environments will be those homes with an on-site concierge. An employee residential community will strengthen and expand Cortland’s workforce as employees may choose from single family dwellings or multi-family units. In essence, joining Cortland’s team will give employees a path to home ownership and career growth.

While always an important consideration, wellness and conservation will take on increased emphasis. Walking trails will wind through campus, ultimately connecting to downtown Thomas. A variety of outdoor activities will be held in pavilions located throughout campus. A second greenhouse will dramatically increase vegetable production, complemented by a fruit orchard planted in collaboration with organizations such as WVU’s Agriculture Department.

Cortland’s commitment to conservation and renewable energy is demonstrated in a five-acre solar farm producing a majority of the electricity to be used on campus. 

One of the greatest  resources to serve the community and region will be a large event center. This facility will accommodate  educational, entertaining, and social events. Containing a large commercial  kitchen, it will be able to serve four hundred in banquet style seating and six hundred in auditorium style seating. With an emergency power supply and an inventory of disaster relief supplies, it may be a recognized shelter in times of disaster or crisis for purposes of FEMA, the American Red Cross, or the WV Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.


Many of the long term care nursing beds will have transitioned to four smaller, independent and self-contained homes of twelve to sixteen residents each. The original nursing home may be renovated and become apartments with supportive services or licensed assisted living. Individual retirement homes will be available in a variety of floor plans and configurations. One of the more

Bunkhouse-DiningHall (2) (2).jpg

So, what’s next?

Cortland continues to answer the call to serve. Inspired by the unparalleled tenacity of its founders, members of the Board and Administration are not content with mediocrity. Cortland is prepared to “Lead The Way”. Challenged by the opportunities and encouraged by the words of the American architect, Daniel Burnham who said:

 “Make no little plans; they

have no magic to stir men's blood….”


Cortland’s 2030 Vision is larger than any one person. While some of the areas contained in Vision 2030 are in concept only others have infrastructure already in place. And still others are waiting for those who embrace this Vision to say, “I want to be a part of this movement, this community, and this life changing opportunity”.


To find out how you can be part of the Vision, contact Dan Bucher, Director of Development at 304.463.4181 today.

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