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Cortland Acres hires McDaniel as housing manager

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Amy McDaniel is excited to continue her career at Cortland Acres transitioning from a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to Housing Manager at Pineview Apartments and The Pines retirement community.

The Tucker County native worked at Pineview in her teens with home healthcare. Now twenty-five years later, McDaniel is the new housing manager at Cortland Acres.

“This place has always had a piece of my heart.,” McDaniel said. “I have always enjoyed working here on and off throughout the years. I love everything about this place - the residents, my work colleagues and the families.”

Mc Daniel manages the rental units at Pineview Apartments which entails completing grant reports and coordinating repairs, monthly shopping trips, and activities for the residents. She took over the role previously held by Kelley Young, who retired last year after 17 years of service to Cortland Acres.

“Every time Amy worked at Cortland Acres as a CNA, I noticed the enthusiasm she brought to the facility and the smile she put on the resident’s faces,” said Beth Clevenger, Cortland Acres Administrator.” We are fortunate to have her back. We also appreciate the service of Kelley Young, who was an asset to Cortland Acres.”

Caregiving has always been a part of McDaniel’s life. She was self-employed as a daycare owner for ten years and most recently she worked as a temporary CNA at Cortland Acres.

“I’ve always been a caregiver, age doesn