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Programs and Services
This fund is designed to improve and expand existing services.  Funds may be also used for research and development of new services.

This fund is set up to specifically benefit residents of the Cortland community.  These monies may meet individual needs or needs represented by a group.

Buildings and Equipment
Included within this fund are facility replacement, renovation, construction and acquisition.  Certain types of equipment used for the care and treatment of residents may also be supported by this fund.

Endowment Fund
Endowed funds are permanent resources that grow for the future.  Interest from these funds support projects now or is reinvested to increase future assets.  Gifts may be cash, a bequest, a life insurance policy, real estate, stocks, bonds or other planned giving avenues.

Memorial Fund
Established to enable donors to honor and recognize individuals of their choice, this fund goes toward general efforts so designated by the Foundation Board of Directors.

Named Fund
A donor may choose to create a named fund.  This fund may be structured to narrowly define the use of the fund proceeds in light of the specific interest of the donor.  There are specific requirements in order to create a named fund.

Donations to this fund may be used to support any purpose consistent with the mission of the Foundation.  General funds may be used to help support any or more of the other funds.

Gifts of all kinds are accepted by Cortland. Contact Lois Nelson at 304.463.4181 for a list of needs or to extend an offer.

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