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Community spirit helps brightens the holidays for Cortland Acres residents

Wendi Shaffer and Angela Johnson worked as a team, along with Adalyn Johnson, Stella Johnson, and Gianna Johnson, packing 97 gift bags for residents at Cortland Acres.

A conversation between friends and a Facebook post sparked the community-giving spirit of Tucker County.

At the beginning of November, Wendi Shaffer and Angela Johnson joined forces by hosting a “Sponsor a Resident” event to raise money and give each resident at Cortland Acres a Christmas gift bag full of goodies. News of the effort spread quickly, and within a week, the pair had enough funds to fill 97 gift bags.

“I wanted to give back to everyone at Cortland Acres who helped with my mom throughout the years,” Shaffer said. “A simple gift can bring joy to the residents who are away from their families. By sponsoring a resident, we can help them feel loved and the holiday spirit.”

Johnson added, “We want each resident to have an amazing Christmas and know how much the community cares about them.”

Shaffer and Johnson worked as a team, along with five of Johnson’s children, Adalyn, Stella, Gianna, Brecken, and Rhett, packing the gift bags. Each resident got a thirty-one Christmas print caddie filled to the brim with things, including a pen, a notebook, a stress ball, chapstick, lotion, shower gel, a nail file, handkerchief, nail polish, a bow, a Christmas squishy, a pack of playing cards, a candy cane, a rice crispy treat, and a Christmas bracelet.