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Preston-Taylor to open new dental clinic at Cortland Acres

Photo 1 (building): Preston-Taylor Community Health Center anticipates the opening of the dental clinic on Cortland Acres campus will open this summer.

Photo 2 (Dr. Kines): After practicing dentistry in the town of Davis for more than 30 years, Dr. Don Kines is excited about the move to a new location and the ability to offer patients a sliding scale fee to low-income individuals and families.

Come this summer, Dr. Don Kines’ dental office will have a new home. The new location will be near Preston-Taylor’s Mountaintop Health Center on Cortland Acres campus in Thomas.

The state-of-the-art dental clinic is under construction. When completed, it will enhance dental care services for residents in Tucker County and the surrounding region, said Linda Shriver, Preston-Taylor Community Health Center’s CEO.

“We are very excited to have Dr. Kines and his staff join the Preston-Taylor Community Health Center team,” Shriver said noting that the Thomas facility is the organization’s second dental clinic. “The new location will be a great benefit to the community and our existing clients. The addition of the on-site dental care means patients will receive complete medical care at one place.”

Kines is pleased about the move and what it means for his patients. He started working in the town of Davis 30 years ago. He practiced alongside the late Tom Patrick and his wife, Donna. He is thankful for the experience and thrilled about the new opportunity.

“The new office will have new equipment and everything will be modernized, including a new X-ray machine and digitized patient records,” Kines said. “Plus, there will be enough room to expand our services if we want. Currently, we are booked two to three months out. The new space will allow us to consider adding more staff to