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Cortland Acres celebrates holidays with tree lighting

Residents, family, and friends of Cortland Acres gathered to celebrate the meaning of the Christmas season with readings and carols before lighting the star and tree.

The annual holiday event raised more than $4,600 for the Friends of Cortland Acres held on Wednesday, Dec. 7. The funds help pay for many special projects for the residents throughout the year.

After a heartfelt welcome by Cortland Acres Activity Director Marie Grafton, Rinda Bonner narrated a Christmas story called “There is a Kid in my Food.” Residents and staff, who brought the play to life, included: Helen Roth as the sheep, Tom Lambert as the cow, Robert Stemple as the innkeeper, DeWayne McElwee as the donkey, and Tori Hansrote of the activity department as the “live cow.”

Making their musical debut after a two-year break, several members of the Tucker Community Chorus entertained the crowd and filled the dining room with Christmas carols. Some of the melodies performed were “Sleep in Heavenly Peace,” “Children, Go Where I Send Thee,” and “Go Now in Peace.”

Mary Swisher and Patty Parsons then took turns reading the names of those who donated month toward the Tree Lights in memory of, or honor of a loved one. As Nancy Zizunas read the names of the special star light honorees, volunteer Kay Flanagan of the Friends of Cortland Acres turned lights on one at a time.

Next, resident Roseann Messer threw the switch to turn on the outside tree lights while the gathered crowd inside sang, “Come On Ring Those Bells.”

Thelma Knotts, vice president of the resident council, drew the winning name for the handmade diamond dot painting, won by Patty Stukey.

After the ceremony, the dietary staff prepared goodies for all those who attended, and many stayed around for fellowship.

Established by the board of directors, the Friends of Cortland has been in existence since 1978, shortly after Cortland Acres began serving Tucker County and the surrounding areas. Since then, the organization’s women and men have coordinated volunteer efforts and given generously of their time and talents to help make Cortland Acres the progressive, caring organization it is today.

Nancy Moore, president of the Friends of Cortland Acres, said past projects sponsored by the group included: mini-massages, magazine subscriptions, monthly theme dinners, pizza parties, and flowers for the courtyard.

Donations for the Friends of Cortland are accepted all year long, and new volunteers are welcome. For more information or to donate, call 304-463-4181, and ask for the Activities Department.

The Cortland Acres campus includes a 94-bed long-term care facility, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and programs, rental apartments in Pineview, and garden and patio homes in The Pines.

Star Light honorees: Ted & Donna Markley, and Jerry Cummings; Bob, Bobby, & Wade Helmick; Annabelle Perando; Alvie & Dolly Goff, Monna Hedrick, & Jean Milkint; Jim Bowley, Julia Cochran, John & Frances Hovatter, Janet Bohon, Bessie Pennington, Mariwyn Smith; George Hedrick; Paula Cannon; Margaret White; Mary Grace Pollock; Jason K. Nelson; Ben & Dorothy Thompson; Marjorie North; Brooke North; Paula Fay Currance; Frankie Bible; Arlena Seipel; Joe Pregent; Debbie Jones; Ralph D. Cussins; Patricia Tice; Janet Phillips; Norbert Phillips; Dick & Martha Wolfe; Dick Wolfe, II; Helen Grance; Betty Weaver; J. Pat & Martha Nichols; Peggy L. Myers; Chris Stadelman; Kenneth Friend; Julia Cochran, Jim Bowley, John & Frances Hovatter, Janet Bohon, Bessie Pennington, Mariwyn Smith; John DiBacco, Mary DiBacco, Paul DiBacco, Vincent DiBacco, Albert DiBacco, & Mary Agnes Miller; Velma V. Roy; Clennis Halstead; Melvin Hanlin; Benjamin D. Kisamore; Jesse D. & Pauline L. Lowther; Dice H. & Lena G. Kisamore; Florna Nell “Tony” Poling; Linda L. Poling Eye; John & Nellie Lawrence; Levie Flanagan; David Currance; Phil, Sandy, & Gredal Oaster; Sherman Jarrett; James E. & Margaret Grafton; Pearl Shorter & James A. Grafton; Sherman Jarrett; Donald “Oop” Jolly; Barbara Evans; Doral Carr; Shaun Crittenden; and Gary E. Wilson.

Tree light honorees: Forrest Adams, Mary Edith Adams, Mary Edith, Robert Allaban, Blucher Allison, Ruby Kline Allison, Dr. Donna Andes, Daryl Arnold, Ellen Arnold, Margaret “Peggy” Arnold, Walter Arnold, Delores Aronhalt, Jeff Ashby, Joseph Balassone, Julia Balassone, Ruben, Jr. Barb, John Bender, Bertha, J. Bennett, Eston Bennett, Pamela Bennett, Robert D. Bennett,Don Black, Irene Blamer, Janet Bohon, Doris Bonner, Jackson Bonner, Rinda Bonner, Edwin Booth, Wanda-2 Boyce, Freda Bright, Dan Bucher, Dr. Samuel Bucher, Kathryn Bucher, Margaret Bucher, Gus L. Calcamp, Lura A. Calcamp, Linda Cale, George Cannon, Willis C. Canon, Linda Carr, Eva Carter, Mildred Collett, Theresa Cook, Bessie Cooper, Joseph H. Cooper, Cortland Acres Employees, Shaun Crittenden, Susan Cross, John Dannanman, Joan Davis, Rebecca “Becky” Delaney, Frank DelSignore, Glenda DelSignore, Jean DeMent, June DePollo, Alice DiBacco,

Cheryl DiBacco, Harry “Riggi” DiBacco, Tom DiBacco, Dorla G. Digman, Loretta DiMaio, Hilbert Dolly, Irene Dolly, Mary Donley, Orpha Dove, Albert Dumire, Elwood Edeburn, Andy Evans, Charles Eye, Morris Eye, Texie Eye, Anna Feather, Connie Feather, Cossette Feather, Guy Feather, Maud Feather, Milton Feather, Norma Feather, Ruby Feather, Russel Feather, Edith Wilson Felty, Lucien Edward Felty, Ed Fernsler, Barbara Fike, Phillip Fike, Lewis Fortney, Gladys Foster, Lonnie Foster, Ina G. Freeman, Ramon D. Freeman, Robert “Bob” Freeman, Mary Louise “Jackie” Gerasco, Joshua Allen Gilchrist, Grace Giordano, Mary Frances Good, Ralph Good, Don Goss, Floda Graham, Norma Smith Graham, Helen Grance, Alice F. Grove, Yvonne Haller, Glen Hamrick, Katherine Hamrick, Josephine Harr, Richard Harr, Nelson A. Harris, Antonia Harrison, Doris Hartman, George Hauser, Madaline Hauser, Olga Hawrot, Stan Hawrot, Barbara Hebb, Mary Hebb, Robert Hebb, John Hedrick, Bud Hehle, Elizabeth Hehle, Gladys Hehle, Stanley Hehle, Alice L. Canon Helmick, Blanche Helmick, Robert Helmick, Sharlene Helmick, Walter Helmick, Clem Richard Hise, Mary Hise, Ann Hoffner, Frank, Sr. Hoffner, Ruth Hoffner, Kenneth “Babe” Hottle, Frances Hovatter, Johnny Hovatter, Mabel Hovatter, Emma Louise Huffman, Eleanor James, Jess James, Mark James, Tony James, Doug Jenks, Ruth Jenks, Dot Jones, Robert Jones, Frankie King, Elsie Kitzmiller, Herschel Kitzmiller, Ralph Kline, Billy Knotts, Thelma Knotts, Martha Kochenderfer, Al Kosko, Floda Lambert, Hilda Lambert, Marianne Lambert, Robert W. Lambert, Scott Lambert, Tom Lambert, Alma Lambruno, Tony Lambruno, Lois Lamont, Jeanie Langerman, Paul Langerman, Anne Lawrence, Bill Lawrence, Hallye Lawrence, John Jr. Lawrence, Ellen Lawson, Elizabeth Ledden, George Allen Lewis, Forrest Lipscomb, Lee Lipscomb, Joe Lomanto, Jason Mallow, Burl Mason, Donna Mason, Solena Massi, Mack Mauldin, Barb McDonald, Edward McDonald, Mary Ruth Milkint, Bill Miller, Ira Miller, Jason P Miller, Ruth Miller, Wanda J. Miller, Vernon Moats, Ward Moats, Ira Moreland, Elwood Morgan, Marlene Morgan, Sherline “Ruthie” Mullenax, Rosemary Mullennex, Greathel Virginia Murphy, Bernadine Myers, Richard “Abe” Myers, Fanny Nared, Billy Joe Nelson, Donald “Dude” Nelson, Jason K. Nelson, Lena “Irene” Nelson, Betty Nestor, Clifford Nestor, Lily Nestor, Mattie Nestor, J. Pat Nichols, Martha Nichols, Sarah Paugh Nickel, Daisy Nine, Junior Nine, Mary Novallis, Seth Owens, Katherine Palmer, Pamela Palmer, Otto Parks, Cobert H. Parrish, Virginia Parsons, Pat Pell, Pennington Family, Russ Perando, Pauline Phillips, Darl Pine, Glenda Poling, Porter Poling, Robert “Allen” Porter, Betty Preble, Doug Preble, Jim Propst, Jimmy Propst, Edwin Rader, Leta Rader, Howard Rhoades, Janet Rhoades, Bill Riley, Melvin Rohrbaugh, Don Roth, William C. Roth, Velma Roy, Barbara Saboites, Charles Saboites, Mark Saboites, Susan Saboites, Alta Sayers, Ruth DePollo Schumann, Angelo Scott, Mary Scott, Harold C. Sell, Bradley Calvin Shifflett, Calvin H. Shifflett, Mary Frances Shifflett, Jim Shockey, Donald E. Simmons, Garland E. Simmons, Verla E. Simmons, Kathy Sims, Sherman Sisler, Becky Jolly Smith, Clay Smith, Mamie Smith, Rocky G. Smith, Sarah “Sallie” Smith, Virginia Harr Smith, John Southerly, Pam Sperry, Milford Sponaugle, Ward Sponaugle, Anna Staron, Johnny Staron, Joseph Staron, Steve Staron, Walter Staron, Opal Stemple, Paul Stemple, Tag Stiles, Dovie Strawder, Marvin Strawder, Kenneth Stukey, Anna E. Swantek, Elizabeth A. Swantek, Don Swisher, Stephen Swisher, John Syrian, Kathleen Syrian, Sharon Syrian, Helen Swisher Tedrow, Frances “Frannie” Tekavec, Frank Tekavec, Charles W. Teter, David A. Teter, Lena Teter, Maxi L. Teter, Mitchel M. Teter, Nancy L. Teter, Paul H. Teter, Ted Teter, Garry Thomas, Dorothy Thompson, Frannie Turek, Joe “Sappo” Turek, Thelma Turek, Rosalea Vance, Sandy Vizdow, Clayton Watring, Mary Watring, Violet Watring, Minnie White, Mary Whitehair, JoAnn Wiedermann, Jerry Wilkins, Terry Willis, Dr. Noah Wilson, Helen Wilson, Shirley Wilson, Bernice Roth Winters, Margaret Winters, Effie M. Wolfe, Twila Wolford, Virgil Wolford, Charlie Workman, Greg Zadell, Barbara Zizunas, George Zizunas, George, Sr. Zizunas, and Marguerite Zizunas.

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