As of this morning, in Tucker County we have tested 174 Tucker County residents, we’ve had 4 that tested positive (they all have recovered) and 160 that tested negative (in addition to that, Cortland Acres Long-Term Care & Rehab Center had 244 staff and residents that tested negative for COVID-19 (the majority of those are Tucker County Residents). 

Many people feel that COVID-19 is over, but the numbers indicate differently.  Numbers of positive cases are rising in some of our neighboring counties and we must continue to be cautious.  THE TCHD STRONGLY RECOMMENDS THAT EVERYONE WEARS A CLOTH FACE COVERING WHEN IN PUBLIC.  We need to continue with hand washing and social distancing.

TCHD and the county’s clinics are continuing an aggressive effort to test, identify and isolate new cases.   Our county’s clinics are in the process of testing essential workers in our county and TCHD is preparing to increase contact tracing and case investigation activities to respond to an increase in positive cases.  The goal is to continue to identify cases quickly and get those cases and their contacts under quarantine until they are deemed non-contagious by CDC protocol.

We have received several calls on the following items:

-What does the 25-person group limit apply to…? Here is the answer received from State Health Department, the Governor’s office and the Governor’s General Counsel’s office:  “There are two categories: Essential businesses (which are named in phases by the executive order) and everything else is social. The 25-person limit applies to everything but essential businesses.” 

-Executive Order 39-20 which was effective on May 21st, has terminated the requirement for individuals who were travelling from areas with substantial community spread of COVID-19 to self-isolate for a period of 14 days upon entry to West Virginia.

-Private owned Campgrounds can allow out of state campers and are to use the guidance issued by the Governor (State Park campgrounds cannot allow out of state campers at this time).

-On May 30, limited video lottery retailers, swimming pools, bowling alleys, roller rinks, pool halls and other indoor amusement businesses can reopen, and movie theaters will be allowed to reopen on June 5.

Information and updates about COVID-19 @ tuckerhealthwv.com

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