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March 26, 2020

COVID-19 continues to spread in West Virginia and neighboring states.  Cortland’s staff are committed to doing everything possible to keep the virus out of the facility.  

As you know only essential personnel are now permitted in the facility.  To try to minimize the risk of exposure to our residents, we are being advised to restrict the following items:

•    Food items, whether homemade 
        or otherwise
•    Personal items
•    Flowers or home décor items

We continue to utilize a variety of communication tools to pass along updates to residents, their families, our staff and the local community. To communicate with families and the local community we frequently post to the Cortland Facebook page, update our    COVID-19 web page, and of course, communicate through email.

For those families without access to email, we are making phone calls to relay important information and updates.


To not be able to visit a resident here is really difficult both for you and your loved one.  If you have questions or concerns please reach out to our Resident Care Coordinators by calling 304-463-4181.  They welcome your calls and questions. Families with residents on Day Break (B-Wing) or D-Wing should contact Dana Quattro at extension 216. Melissa Harr is the family contact for residents on Wings A, C and Blackwater at extension 288.

“The health of the local community remains our number one priority. Tucker County is my home and I regard my role as a physical therapist as a responsibility and privilege to help my community. With confirmed cases of COVID-19 here in Tucker County, we want to protect our clients and the general public from any undue exposure to the virus. That’s why we have decided to temporarily close the Rehab & Fitness Center at Cortland until further notice.”

Alisha McCune, PT

Director of the Rehab & Fitness Center at Cortland

Starting Friday, March 20th, McCune and her staff with be contacting existing clients by telephone to explain the latest decision and work to develop individual therapy plans that can be done from home. Telemedicine software platforms will be utilized to provide therapist-guided individual therapy plans.

If you have any questions or concerns about the decision to temporarily close the Rehab & Fitness Center at Cortland, please call the facility at 304-463-4191.